Our Purpose

Our purpose is to raise funds for a permanent music therapy program, run by a registered music therapist, on the children’s ward for many children in our community to benefit from in memory of Tulli Rose.

We witnessed firsthand the positive effect and impact music had on Tulli’s life in hospital, and recognised the need for music therapy to be available to all children experiencing hospitalisation.

Music therapy is the informed and intentional use of music to address goals that improve a person’s health and wellbeing. It can be used to improve areas such as communication and speech, emotional regulation, social skill development, motor skills, auditory processing, and sensory integration.

Additionally, music therapy in the hospital works to reduce isolation and stress, encourage coping, and improve wellbeing through choice making, distraction, and relaxation. The best part? It’s fun! Whether it be listening to music, writing a song, or playing instruments, music therapy supports young people in hospital (and their families) to feel empowered, joyous, and hopeful.