Our Story

Sharing Tullis Smile Fund inspired by one brave, strong and happy little soul Tulli Rose. Born with a number of medical conditions which affected her body and the way it worked. Tulli lived with a rare heart condition, epilepsy, parts of her brain were missing and underdeveloped and due to this, she was unable to walk, talk or eat. Tulli was feed through a Peg that went straight into her stomach and was on multiple daily medications to keep as healthy as she could be.

Barwon Health, University Hospital Geelong became Tulli’s second home.

Tulli communicated in her own special way, she had a cheeky personality and her smile and eyes spoke a thousand words.

In November 2019, Tulli girl left us earthside and become one beautiful angel. Throughout Tulli’s life, she taught us so much but something extra special we learnt along the way was her love for music.

Often in hospital during a procedure, test or just some down time we would play music to Tulli which would help calm and distract her, within seconds a smile would beam from ear to ear.

We witnessed first-hand the power and impact music has on your soul. We wanted to start a fund in memory of our darling girl, by funding music therapy sessions on the children’s ward at Barwon Health Geelong which will help bring joy to children doing it tough in hospital.

Sharing Tullis Smile Fund is a non-for-profit fund which relies on the generosity of our local community. With your support, we can continue to bring smiles to so many kids in our community who are sick in hospital through the power of music whilst honouring our Darling Girl, Tulli Rose.

Thanks for your support.